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Image Algorithmics develops technologies for the mosaicking-demosaicking step of the digital camera pipeline. Most digital cameras contain a single sensor overlaid with a pattern of color filters called a Color Filter Array. The filtered image captured by the sensor is said to be mosaicked and requires a demosaicking algorithm to reconstruct the color image.

RGBW/Clear Pixel CFA

The IA RGBW color filter array is a breakthrough design that solves the false color and aliasing problems plaguing current RGBW patterns while delivering resolution comparable the Bayer CFA. With 50% white/clear pixels the IA RGBW pattern does not sacrifice sensitivity in the process. By not omitting either of the R, G, B pixels, color fidelity is ensured.


Built around IA's universal demosaicker, the RGBW−HDR processor can recover highlights where the W/Clear pixels are saturated. It does this by falling back on RGB-only demosaicking, thereby improving image capture in bright light, in addition to low light.

Joint Demosaicking & CA Correction

Joint demosaicking and Chromatic Aberration (CA) correction that is superior to correcting CA before demosaicking - or after. Very good tolerance of CA by the demosaicker, if CA parameters are not known.

Universal Demosaicker

The IA demosiacker works on all CFA patterns, capturing high bandwidth without suffering form significant aliasing. The result: organic looks, low artifacts and exceptional micro-detail. Based on rigorous mathematical principles.