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Random RGB

The random RGB CFA is an exciting new design that is resistant to aliasing and crosstalk artifacts. Like the human retina, this CFA is a random arrangement of red, green and blue pixels. When faced with more resolution than it can reconstruct, this system randomizes the resulting aliasing making it look like noise. Furthermore, this noise-like aliasing is amenable to noise reduction

While the aliasing resistance of random CFAs have long been conjectured and studied, attempts to commercialize it have been thwarted by poor demosaicking performance. IA demonstrates, for the first time, demosaicking of the random RGB CFA that is superior to the state of the art demosaicking of Bayer CFA.

Additionally, the random RGB CFA has the following advantages:

Shown below are sample reconstructions using the random RGB CFA as well as Bayer with two leading demosaickers on DSLR optics. All images were post-processed by applying Photoshop's unsharp filter.

Random RGB Bayer+AHD Bayer+Lu/Tan